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Maybe you already know this, but I homeschool Boy#1. We’re about half-way though kindergarten. You know, the truth of the matter is the hardest part about homeschooling is just picking which of the bo-zillion curricula you’re going to use.

We went to a seminar for homeschool educators and there was of course, a vendor’s hall, and numerous demos during the seminar. But I only needed a few minutes hearing about one mom’s experience with My Father’s World and I was a slobbering pile on the floor.

What I loved about it was how it managed to make a comprehensive and interesting collection of lessons to teach a child how to read and write, and every lesson tied back to the promises of God in Jesus using illustrative passages of scripture each week from both the Old Testament and the New.

This week, we are discovering about the letter “e.” “E” like for elephant. So there’s a flashcard, and a smaller, business size card- both with a drawing of an elephant, and a short phrase that the child memorizes. Then throughout the week, as we learn about elephants, we will come back to this card, and see the letter, see the elephant, and then recite the memorization phrase.

Aside from their tremendous size, and apart from their huge, ivory tusks, elephants are characterized as having amazing memories. So Monday’s lesson incorporates as much encyclopaedic information you can present about elephants, and a brief written “moral,” composed to help the teacher wrap the beauty of the elephant, and it’s amazing memory into a faith-component. The phrase this week?

“When I see an elephant, I remember all the wonderful things God has done for me.”

So what?

The thing is, what do you do then? So I asked him. “Tig (named after the bouncy tiger from 100 acre woods), what do you do when somebody does something wonderful for you?”

“I thank them.”

“Okay. How?” Silence. Eyeballs. He’s apparently used to my method of questioning. This is the part, I guess, where I explain what I’mreally getting to. So being his mother’s son, he’s not going to waste anymore time “playing.” His eyeballs and flat expression speak: “Okay- I’m ready.”

In an effort to change up my M.O. (I hear that variety is good for keeping kids interested), I stare back at him. (I know, it’s just delicious, isn’t it?).

“How do you thank someone?”

“I say “thank you,”

“AWESOME!” I reply. But he’s not buying it. He’ll just wait till I’m done. It’s like he can hear the words lining up in my brain. “But you know what? God doesn’t want us to simply look at him and say “thank you!”” He says that doing His will pleases Him. That having a heart like his is more important that manners!”

How do we “remember”? Is remembering strictly a cognitive act? Is it something in our minds? Remembering is tied to action in the bible. Jesus said that when we eat and drink in communion, that we would be remembering him.

The meal they sat to eat that night was itself a remembering. The Passover meal, when they remembered the bread of their affliction, their slavery and suffering in the house of slavery, in Egypt.

When we are baptized, we sacramentally remember Jesus’ death, and his resurrection. And we take part in it.

And when we feed the poor, and speak for the voiceless and oppressed we remember that we were once poor- though dressed in society’s finest, our hearts were wretched.

When we live in our homes with compassion and forgiveness for those who cross us the most, for those who routinely take the most from us, and offer the least in return (at times, I’m saying) then we remember how we have taken and not returned in kind.

How do we remember? How do we thank?

“When I see a sinner, I remember that I have been forgiven, and still need to be.”

“When I see a blind man, I remember that I am a led man.”

“When I am cursed, I remember that I once cursed.”

“When I see a drowning man, I remember that I myself have but my face above the water.”