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Posted: September 7, 2011 in Uncategorized
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We live in a society of persuasion.  Right now, there are a number of people trying to persuade me to elect them to the office of President.  Watch the TV for eight or nine minutes and I’ll likely find 5 or 6 ads trying to persuade me that my quality of life will improve if I buy their product.  The list goes on and on.  Seriously.  I won’t bore you with a more exhaustive list of the plethora of arguments and attempts for our attention, our time, our money, our lives.

I’m guilty of that too.  I love the challenge.  We’ve been raised in a theatre of debate: if you want something, you have to demonstrate the need for it.   We must build the case.  Or defend it.

One most troubling things to ever crease the forehead of the world was spoken by Jesus when He said “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life; nobody can come to the Father except by me.”  What a fuss that’s made.

I think that my life- at least as I reckon it, has been spent obsessing over a very small portion of that statement:  the Truth.

I like debate.  I like argument.  I like to explore and spar.  I don’t mean to antagonize people.  I really just want to give away something that I have and love.  Problem is, other people don’t see it that way.  And I can appreciate that.  I’d feel the same way.

I need to change.  To repent.  It’ll be difficult and I probably won’t make it.  I hope that you can forgive me as we go.  Because I’ve been convicted that there’s a better way.  The Way, and the Life.  It seems to me- that is, I myself have been persuaded that if I simply live the Way, and the Life, if I manifest Truth in my flesh, I will have no need to persuade anybody of anything.

Rather than argue, even in a kind and friendly tone, I can just live.  What might happen if I just invite people to live the way Jesus did?  I mean, obviously, I’d have to start doing that too.  But if I just live a life of dependence on God- of healing the wounds that have bloodied the life of my city, of living grace and mercy, of living Jesus’ way, what’s left to demonstrate?  Where is the need for persuasion?

If Jesus is the Way, something in the act of living must bring us closer to God.  If Jesus’ is the Truth, it must be the truest, best way to live- the way that most corresponds with the reality God created.  And that- THAT would be the life!

So here’s my confession.  I talk too much.  I think a lot, and debate a lot, and ultimately, it’s just arguing.  Which really is a defense, not an offense.  So- I’m going to focus a little more on the offense.  I’m going to focus on the way, and less on the truth.  I don’t believe you can really separate them- if I live the way, the truth is manifest.  I mean, “truth” is more than a simple “known” object anyways.  It’s not an “it” as much as it is a “who.”

If I am living the life- all I need to do is invite people to live the same kind of life I am living.  A life defined by mercy, submission, service, loving and genuine community with my neighbors is a life rendered to God.  Defined by my actions, not by my words.  If I am joined in this life, those who join me will see for themselves how good, and right, and true Jesus is.  And there will be nothing left for me to say.  Except “welcome.”